Introducing: Mama’s Look of the Month!

Oh, Facebook. Every time we start thinking we might want to date some other social media,  you lure us back in with  some nifty new feature that reminds us how much you mean to us. Take your “On This Day” App for example. Without it, we may have forgotten that Mama Goose used to have a super fun blog (you know, when blogging was the new cool thing) and that on that blog was an amazing feature called Look of the Week, which showcased adorable outfits modeled by real life Mama Goose customers and their goslings. After seeing all the throwback photos on Facebook, our Look of the Week nostalgia became so intense that we’ve decided to bring back a modified version: Look of the Month!

Some of you may remember these adorable toddlers from Look Of The Week version 1.0:

lotw-corrina-1 Baby Owen 2

That’s Corrina and Owen, circa 2010, rocking some adorable toddler sized duds.  Flash forward six years, and those crazy kids went and did something outlandish:  they grew up!   Check it:


These kids are so grown they have their own coffee dates, and they do it in some serious seven-year-old style.
ithaca children styling trendy reuse cheap sale hip now kids clothing fashionable bargain babies model shoes pants shirts IMG_0624 (2)

Corrina and Owen  (Hollywood couple name …. Cowen?  Owena?) are dressed in head-to-toe Goosewear.  Corrina’s Mini Boden cardigan (size 7/8, $8.95) is layered over a Crewcuts tee (size 8, $2.25) and paired with Tractor jeggings (size 8, $6.95.)  She accessories with an apricot belt ($1.00) and those incredible red cowgirl boots (size 2, $9.50.)

Owen’s classic look begins with a pair of Gap jeans (size 8 slim, $7.95) and navy canvas belt ($1.00.)   His checkered button-down is also Gap (size 8, $7.50) and he’s staying dry in an Abercrombie windbreaker (size 10, $14.95.)  Because you’re never fully dressed without some quality footwear, Owen pulls his look together with some classic Sperry loafers (size 3.5, $17.95).

Like any hipster duo worth their salt, Cowena (right?!?! that’s the winner) finish their Gimme! beverages and (after a wardrobe change) head over to do some light furniture browsing at Mimi’s Attic.


Owen’s furniture-perusing ensemble pairs the same classic Gap jeans (size 8 slim, $7,95) with a Hanna Andersson striped t-shirt (size 120, $4.95,) a Two Turtles by Sweet Potatoes vest (size 7, $2.95) and Supra sneakers (size 3, $7.95.)  Corrina is channeling her inner Angela Chase in a Mudd floral dress (size 7/8, a total steal at $3.50), a Cherokee denim jacket (size 7/8, $5.95,) hot pink tights ($1.95) and kidlet-size Danskos (size 13, $16.50.)

Tuckered out from all those big kid activities, Cowena head back to where a kid can be a phenomenally dressed kid, Mama Goose, for one more wardrobe change. IMG_0718

Owen slipped into something more comfortable (an entirely Goose-source outfit that he now calls his own, featuring  Andy & Evan pants, an OPPA shirt, and a Junk Store vest.)


Corrina took the opportunity to remind us that it is completely reasonable to wear a cape with an every day ensemble.


She’s wearing a Sewingmommy Batman cape (ages 3 and up, $27.00) with a Target tank (size 9/10, $2.95,) DKNY satin pants (size 8, $4.95) and Nine West flats (size 13.5, $7.95.)  And because you can’t look a girl this cool directly in the eyes, Corrina covers her baby blues with a pair of Mama Goose women’s sunglasses (a total steal at $7.00!)

If any of these items tickled your fancy, get thee to the Goose and make them your very own!   And if you know any tiny humans who might be interested in being a Look of the Month model in the future, sign ’em up at the front counter next time you stop in the store.  We’ve got so many more memories to make (so that Facebook can continue to hold on to them for all eternity.)


Meryl for the Goose

Double Stamps When You Shop Mama Goose Earth Day Weekend!

Stop in this Friday and/or Saturday (April 22 & 23) and receive DOUBLE STAMPS on your Frequent Customer Card!
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Happy Earth Day, everyone!


Mama’s Favorite New Spring Shoes for Infants, Toddlers and Big Kids are Here!


hiking sandals shoes ithaca ny kids babies baby toddler children's child sport cute affordable cheap new summer spring

Ithaca’s beloved summer shoe, Tevas, are BACK by popular demand! Tevas are durable, waterproof, and easy to put on. This spring/summer season, we are carrying four cute styles in sizes 4 toddler – 3 youth. Priced at $30-38.

We also now carry Salt Water Sandals!  Don’t be fooled by the delicate look of these sandals; they are sturdy! We like to suggest that you let the kids get their Salt Waters wet right away so they form to their feet, which makes these sandals a great choice for both narrow and wide feet. We also think they are a great style that works for both toddlers and big kids. Can your toddler boy wear them? We say YES, definitely! We are currently carrying Salt Waters in navy, fuchsia, and red in sizes 4 toddler – 3 youth. Priced at $33.50.

For our tiniest customers, we are now carrying Bobux Soft Soled Shoes which are perfect for infants, crawlers and new walkers. Bobux shoes are made from a special leather we call “Eco-leather” because it is tanned with a Chrome (VI)-free tanning process that is safer for the environment and for babies. It also produces a very soft leather that doesn’t need to be lined, making it more breathable. We carry Bobux in sizes 3 months – 21 month. Price at $28.50.

Take a gander at our new products page here and see other great new products we have in stock. Remember, your store credit can be used to purchase anything in our store, even our new products!

Wanted: Puddle Jumpers


If summer shoe shopping is not on your docket just yet, Mama Goose also carries Western Chief Rain Boots. Stop in for a pair of these PVC-Free puddle jumpers today! Sizes 5 toddler – 4 youth. Retail: $28

rain boots ithaca waterproof bots ithaca pvc-free non toxic rubber kids outdoor gear affordable

Remember, you can use your store credit to purchase anything in the store, including our new products! Next time you bring in your gently used clothing to sell back, you could get paid 10% more by choosing store credit. Put that store credit towards a brand new pair of sandals or rain boots and have it made in the shade!

Going Green with Cloth Diapers at Mama Goose

washing how many cloth diapering 101 basics cloth diapers diapering ithaca ny easy hard reuse sustainable how do i wash cloth diapers detergant pre-fold all in one hybrid fitted cover diaper green afforable sustainable snappis bummis kawaii used

Kawaii Pocket Diapers

Whether you’re a first-time parent learning about cloth diapers for the first time or a seasoned parent considering trying something new, cloth diapering can be really overwhelming. We all know about the financial and environmental benefits of cloth diapering, but when it comes time to get started, it can seem like the options are endless! On top of that, our parents and grandparents might not be able to guide us because they basically had two options – prefolds and flats with rubber pants, and disposables. Well, if getting started with cloth diapers is something you’d like to do, we at Mama Goose would like to help!  We find it helpful to point out that, despite all the varieties, styles and prices, there are essentially only 5 major types of cloth diapers.


pre-fold bummis diapers ithaca snappi cloth diapering basics cloth diapering 101


The most affordable option is pre-fold diapers. Present-day pre-folds are less of a struggle than those of decades passed. Diaper pins are a distant memory with the introduction of Snappis diaper fasteners, and today’s diaper covers make wrangling a pre-fold very manageable, and much more breathable than the rubber pants of the past. Opting to use pre-fold diapers also saves time on the laundry because pre-folds wash and dry quickly and you don’t have to launder wraps every time they’re used. Bonus: you can find a variety of adorable, gently-used covers at Mama Goose!

all in one diaper cloth diaper basics 101 ithaca reuse mama goose


Looking for the cloth diaper that is super intuitive to use? Check out an all-in-one diaper! It is pre-formed, doesn’t need a separate waterproof cover, and uses snaps or velcro to fasten, making it the most similar to a disposable in terms of ease of use.

how to basics 101 cloth diaper diapering doublers inserts diaper covers


Pocket diapers and fitted diapers (plus cover) are a great middle-ground as they are very intuitive to use, but are more affordable, because they grow with baby from infancy to potty training.

hybrid how to basics 101 mama goose resale gently used cloth diapering


For parents on the go, there are hybrid diapers, a more recent addition to the world of cloth diapers. These diapers have a waterproof, reusable, pre-formed shell, but use disposable liners!

Ok, so that’s the 5 major types of diapers in a nutshell! If you’d like more information on the different types of diapers, come on in and talk with us and pick up our “pros and cons” handout regarding the different systems. Read on for commonly asked questions that we get at Mama Goose and more specific how-to’s:

Earth Mama Bottom Balm

 Will my baby get diaper rash if I start with/switch to cloth diapers?

Some babies are more prone to diaper rash than others. The best way to avoid this is by changing diapers very regularly, and many moms and dads have noticed that they tend to do this more when using cloth diapers. Because disposables have chemicals that make diapers ‘stay drier longer’ it can sometimes be tempting to let more time go by between changes. Even with that in mind, some babies get rashes, and you can’t just use any diaper cream with cloth diapers, because the chemicals in a lot of big brand creams will eat away at the diapers and drastically shorten their lifespan. Some parents make their own diaper cream, or opt for a natural option like Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, which we carry here at Mama Goose.

How do I launder my cloth diapers?

Laundering is different for everyone, depending on what kind of washer you use, if you have access to outdoor line drying, and what kind of diapers you use. For an in depth rundown on laundering, we like to head over to diaper jungle and get the answers:

The biggest points to remember are that you don’t want to wash too many diapers in one load, you will likely need to do multiple rinse cycles, and it is important to find the right type and amount of detergent for your family’s needs.

How can I figure out what kind of detergent is safe to use?

Charlies Detergent

It’s important to find a detergent that doesn’t have a lot of additives that can leave harmful residue on the diapers. Here at Mama Goose, we love carrying Charlie’s Soap powdered and liquid detergent and pre-spray, which is completely dye, scent and additive free.

Bummis Diapers has compiled a wonderful list of detergent brands and whether they would be good for washing cloth diapers and why. It can be found here:

Can I use cloth wipes?

    Absolutely! Lots of parents love using cloth wipes because they share all of the benefits of cloth diapers, and cause no extra cleaning! You can choose whether to store them wet or dry, which is a matter of preference for each individual caregiver. We found a great blog post with lots of comprehensive information about cloth wipes to share with you here:

Kawaii DiapersWe hope you can stop in soon so we can help you find the perfect cloth diapers for you and your family. We carry new Kawaii pocket diapers and pre-fold diapers, as well as a wide selection of gently-used diapers in all shapes and sizes. Once your goslings are potty trained, you can bring your unstained, structurally sound diapers to sell back to us for cash or store credit and help a new family be green and save some green!


Warm up with Weekly Winter Savings!

Come join us for super exciting sales all throughout January! We are starting it off with a bang, otherwise known as a buy 2 get 3rd free weekend!

January 8th – 10th, Buy 2 Get 3rd Free all gently-used clothing, shoes, toys, books and accessories. Mix-and-match and enjoy the savings!

January 11th – 31st, all infant clothes (sizes NB – 12 Months) are 15% off! We know how hard it is to resist all of the adorable little outfits for your babe – and why should you, when they’re this affordable?

January 11th – 17th, enjoy 15% off of all gently-used footwear – that includes shoes, slippers AND boots! This is the perfect time to snag an extra pair of boots for school or some new-to-you slippers to stay toasty and cozy!

January 18th – 24th, treat your tots to 15% off all gently-used sweaters and fleece clothing – perfect for layering under your winter outerwear so that you can enjoy the snow without shivering!

January 25th – 31st, HUGE WINTER BLOWOUT SALE! Be on the lookout for an e-mail from us all about this sale.

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Mama Goose Holiday Hours

Thursday, December 24th we will close at 3:00pm.
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Regular hours will resume Saturday, December 26th.

Friday, January 1st we will be closed.
Regular hours will resume Saturday, January 2nd.

We hope you and yours enjoy this holiday season!

-The Geese at the Goose

Gratitude in Ithaca’s West End

A collective sigh of relief could be heard around town Sunday evening as last weekend’s holiday bustle became a crawl, (for now) and everyone switched gears to get back to work. We would like to applaud all of you who participated in this year’s West End Raffle, Food Drive, and Shop Local Weekend, it was a grand success! Thanks to your donations, we were able to give the Food Pantry 2 full boxes of non-perishables to families in need.

2015-12-01 12.36.07

We’d like to thank all of the West End Businesses who donated prizes for this year’s raffle. Kitchen Theatre Company,Maxie’s Supper Club, Gimme! Coffee,  The State DinerRasa SpaIthaca Children’s GardenOn the Street Pitas, and Circus Truck. Congrats to the winners of the raffle!


Join us for Shop Local Weekend in Ithaca’s West End!

Give donate thanksgiving kids children project good charity
G  I  V  E
Sales Sale Black friday Ithaca savings raffle event food drive deal deals kitchen theatre gimme coffee The State Diner Rasa Spa Mama Goose Mimi's Attic
S  A  V  E
Mimi's Attic on the street pita prizes giveaway massage gift card shopping holiday shopping tompkins county non-perishable give back
W  I  N

We’re celebrating the start of the holiday season with a weekend of savings and givings by collecting donations for the Rescue Mission Food Pantry, and throwing a massive West End Raffle! For every nonperishable food item you donate at either Mama Goose or Mimi’s Attic, you get one raffle ticket for the prize(s) of your choosing, and there’s no limit on how many donations you can bring. Everyone who donates will also get an exclusive coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more on your return visit, as a thank you. In this contest, everybody wins! We will be accepting donations November 27th-29th only and will draw winners on Monday, November 30th. The more you donate, the better your chances are of winning– so start gathering up donations today!

Plus! Enjoy 10% OFF EVERYTHING at Mama Goose and Mimi’s Attic all weekend  (Friday 11/27, Saturday 11/28 & Sunday 11/29)
The 10% sale will apply to everything in both Mama Goose and Mimi’s Attic, including items that have already been marked down and our wide selection gift items and new products.

The following is a list of our generous West End Neighbors who have donated prizes for our raffle:

Kitchen Theatre Company
Maxie’s Supper Club
Gimme! Coffee
The State Diner
Rasa Spa
Ithaca Children’s Garden
On the Street Pita
Circus Truck
Mama Goose & Mimi’s Attic

A cornucopious amount of local goodness!

For more details about the prizes, visit our events page at:

Time To Sign Up For Full Plate Farm’s Winter CSA!

Ithaca farm share CSA local fresh vegatables fruit meat pick up farm to table full plate collective good life farm

Mama Goose is a weekly pick-up location for both Full Plate Farm Collective & Good Life Farms. How convenient is that?

Sign-ups for Fruit and Vegetable shares from Full Plate Farm Collective are happening now and if this is something you might be interested in, you’ll want to act soon as they tend to sell out quickly!

To sign up for a Full Plate CSA, visit their website here. A winter share from Full Plate will include tons of great local goodness from four different local farms, and will include a huge variety of greens, root veggies, mushrooms, pickles, and much more! Weekly shares will be delivered and available for pick-up at Mama Goose by midday on Thursdays until noon on Fridays. The Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl can also be delivered alongside your vegetable share.

If you and your family are local apple fans, Good Life Farm has a weekly organic apple CSA which will likely run through March! You can also purchase a la cart local foods and ciders from the Good Life Farm website and pick them up at Mama Goose/Mimi’s Attic on Wednesdays. Order by 4pm on Friday for your Wednesday pick-up in the Mimi’s Attic hallway.

Don’t you love the idea of simmering stews, oven roasted root vegetables, greens, and fruit on a winter’s day? Then you will  love your weekly CSA!