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The Woman Behind THE Goose: Meet Illustrator Alice Heise!

We’ve introduced you to the Mama Goose team and the Mama Goose founder and owner, but there’s one more woman we’d like to celebrate. She gave our beloved Mama Goose and her gaggle life – our incredible illustrator, Alice Heise!

With a ton of creativity and a sense of adventure, she began her career as a freelance illustrator in Ithaca, and hustled to make a name for herself in the area. When approached by Kelly and Michelle to create our original Mama Goose illustration, Alice was delighted and bartered for Michelle’s doula services – despite not yet having a child! The result of the collaboration between Alice and our founders was our iconic summer Mama, who perfectly captured the spirit of the Ithaca Mama at that time. Over the years, she helped us add to the gaggle – allowing our family to grow along with the store.

Upon turning 15, we decided to give Mama a fresh new look for colder weather. It was obvious to us that Alice was the only artist for the job. Alice dusted off her supplies and jumped in enthusiastically. She created our new tween goose (debuted HERE) from the ground up, and brought our winter goose up to date with timeless fashion and thoughtful accessories. She’s the quintessential Ithaca mom-on-the-go, with baby tucked under her arm (and close to her heart).

Alice is no stranger to local business – her husband of 15 years Kevin Cuddeback founded Gimme! Coffee, and Alice herself started their Krums Corners Bakery after taking a bit of time off to raise her two daughters, Elsie and Bea. Alice now uses her passion and creative prowess as a real estate agent in the area. Her collective professional experience – her creative mind, her attention to detail, and her ability to imagine new things – helps her guide each new client through the home buying process and imagine themselves in their new space.

So we’ve done it. We’ve introduced you to most of the incredible women that have played a part in the evolution of Mama Goose. So how do we celebrate 15 years? A trip to Vegas? Nah. Not our style. Bungee jumping? Hmm. Seems too risky. Let’s celebrate with you instead! This weekend, March 16th and 17th, stop by Mama Goose and save 15% on your entire purchase! Grab a snack while you shop and get your picture taken with our life-size Mama and our tween goose cut-out! Shop new gear like ErgoBaby carriers and Barefoot Books, or stock up on stylish spring and summer duds for your gaggle – it’s all 15% off! This celebration is all about you – the people behind the Goose, and all of our success!

Look of the Month: March

It’s a Look of the Month first, y’all: a collaboration between Mama Goose and the dynamite derby darlings of the Ithaca League of Junior Rollers. We’re feeling the rebel girl spirit with our bold and brave models and the newest addition to our gaggle – our very own tween goose logo!

This month’s models — Wee Beastie, Speed Seed and Red Hornet — combine items from the Goose and derby gear for some killer looks worthy of these totally rad athletes.

Red Hornet (above left) layers her black and white pinney over a two-piece Body Glove outfit (tank and dance tights, size 7/8) and paired with knee-high socks ($1.95) and a Balera jacket (size small)

Speed Seed (pictured above) rocks her red jersey with rainbow tights (size 10/12) and purple mesh shorts (size 12) and a hooded denim vest (Children’s Place, size 12).

Wee Beastie (pictured above) layers up with pink tights (Hanna Andersson, size 140), Under Armour shorts (size 7/8) and a pink racerback tank (X-treme. size 7/8).

Keepin’ the derby girl spirit alive, we would like to introduce our BRAND NEW tween goose to the Mama Goose family! She is serving up a funky layered look with a smidge of sass. And just like these mini masters of mayhem on the track, she is strong, empowered and ready to tackle any challenges headed her way.
We like to think this new goose would be the perfect addition to the Ithaca League of Junior Rollers. Maybe we should get her some skates?

Do you (or someone you know) want to learn to skate, gain strength and confidence on and off the track? Girls and boys ages 8-17 are invited to join the upcoming spring session, starting April 23rd. Gear rentals are available and no previous experience is required! For more information check out the Ithaca League of Women Rollers/ILJR website or Facebook  or even stop by our sister store Mimi’s Attic and chat with our very own derby-playing Violet Crimes!

Look of the Month: February

Splish, splash! Winter may still be hanging around, but things are slushy enough to make us think ahead to the rainy days of spring! Sweet pea (and puddle enthusiast) Kaleb stopped by Mama Goose to help us show off this season’s selection of brand new rain gear!

This one-piece rainsuit by Splashy (size 3, $35.00) goes perfectly with Western Chief firefighter rainboots (size 12, $25!)! Super protective, you can throw one of these easy-zip suits on over your gosling’s school clothes or special occasion outfit and not have to worry about last minute changes or soggy socks!

A full suit not your little one’s style? Not to worry! Check out how adorable Kaleb looks in our two-piece rainwear option! His blue Splashy pants (size 4, $25.00) and hooded jacket (size 4, $32.00) tuck right into fleece-lined dinosaur boots (size 12, Western Chief, $30.00.) These separates are easy to move around in – making them perfect for those soggy spring sports!

If you’re ready to start doing puddle prep for your little ones, the Splashy suits and Western Chief boots come in several other colors and styles. Some of our boots even light up! Pop on down to the Goose and check them out!

Look of the Month: January

Got the New Year’s Resolution Blues? It’s hard to have a “New Year, New You!” with the same old closet of clothes. Luckily, Mama Goose is in a makeover mood, and this month’s model Linnea was happy to play along!

Linnea warmed up to the idea of a makeover in a super cute sporty look featuring a KidPik tee (size 12, new w/tags, $7.95) and Hind leggings (size 10/12, $5.50) with Nike sneaker boots (size $4.95.)

After a good stretch, and the addition of a Nike sweatshirt (size 10, $14.95) she was ready to hit the ground running!

Of course, some occasions call for a little bit more than an athleisure look. Linnea effortlessly explores casual chic in a J.Crew tee (size 12, $5.95) and Gap denim high-waisted trousers (size 10, $9.95) plus a Zara puffer vest (size 12, $17.95) and adorable wedge booties by Toms (size 5, $13.95.)

Totally upping the makeover stakes, Linnea shows off some extra ladylike looks, beginning with the ultimate piece in versatility: a reversible dress! (Emily West, size 10, $8.95) Check out these two-for-one outfits, completed by Arizona leggings (size 10, $1.50) and accompanied by patent leather Doc Martens (size 4.5, $22.95) and hot pink leopard Vans (size 4, $16.95.) It’s double the cuteness!

Why stop at ladylike? Linnea rocked this 77 kids skirt (size 10, $5.95) and Arizona tee (size 10, new w/ tags, $6.95) plus a super cute cat patterned hoodie (Gap, size 12, $8.95.) The trusty black leggings and super rad Doc Martens pull the whole thing together.

Starting the New Year with a fresh new look can change your outlook on… well, everything! Stop by the Goose to get your style on, and be on the lookout for our fresh new Mama as she debuts her new look and a new member of the gosling tribe!

New Year, New You? Starting Small: a New Hobby!

Winter in New York is an absolute wonderland – there’s tons of outdoor activities to choose from, but when the temperature takes a turn for the arctic, you can head inside to warm up and learn something new. With our great selection of new and used toys, games, and books, Mama Goose is the perfect place for your little one to discover their newest hobby. Check out some of the great selection of hobby items we’ve currently got in stock – and January 2nd through January 13th, all toys, games, puzzles, and books are buy two, get the third FREE!

With all the great cooking shows on tv these days, more and more kids are eager to get into the kitchen. But not all parents are ready to turn over control of the stove and oven to their little one. A logical first step? An Easy Bake Ultimate Oven! A stylish upgrade from the Easy Bake so many of us learned on, this is the first to bake without a lightbulb! Your budding Mary Berry will be whipping up bite-sized treats in no time. ($16.99, does not include baking mix)

STEM toys are helping train the next generation of scientists, builders, and coders. This Osmo Base turns screen learning into interactive fun with colorful game pieces and tokens. Paired with Coding Adventures with Awbie, your iPad turns into an awesome game that teaches your child coding fundamentals and computational thinking. ($65, includes iPad base and coding game)

Think your little one is ready to take their building and thinking skills into the 4d world? This wired building kit from Roominate is the ideal toy for the little kid who thinks BIG. This RV building kit allows your child to design, build, wire, and customize their own functioning vehicle – and it really drives!  ($6.99, is missing screwdriver)

Embrace the color and wonder of the art world without the mess and cleanup of painting with this Paper Weaving kit! Your child could discover a lifelong love of weaving and textiles with this Little Hands activity, customizing loomed pictures with colorful strips of paper. Parents, breathe a sigh of relief as your kiddos flex their artistic muscles without staining… anything. ($2.99)

What new hobby will you and your little ones embrace in 2019? These are just a few of the get ways to get started in the new year!


Shower the ones you love with holiday gifts from Mama Goose!

Look of the Month: December

The weather outside may be frightful, but the holiday racks at Mama Goose are delightful! We’ve got fancy festive frocks your kids can wear when walking through a winter wonderland.  This month’s models, Gillian and Leo, know how to get holiday party ready.  Check it out below:

These two cutie patooties are dressed to the nines!  Gillian slays in a Harajuku mini dress (size 6, $9.95) and red patent leather Mary Janes by Naturino (size 13, $8.95.)  Her tights ($1.95) are just one of many available in our tights bin, but the headband is her own.

And is that a three-piece suit Leo is rocking?  You better believe it is:

Suit (size 2, $12.95) and shoes (size 8, $8.95) by The Children’s Place; plaid buttondown shirt by Gymboree (size 2, $3.50.)  That’s a fine looking fella!

And if you’re the kind of gal, like Gillian, who believes in a mid-party wardobe change, you’re in luck!  Our holiday racks are positively brimming with festive glam, like this Lilly Pulitzer dress (size 6, $13.95)  and lace knee socks ($1.95,) matched with shiny flats (size 13, $5.95.)

Think your kids can bring this level of holiday magic to your season of parties?  Come down to the Goose and check out our seasonal wear.  ‘Tis the season to be fancy, and the Goose can help!  See you soon.

Look of the Month: November (The Gettin’ Cozy Edition!)

‘Tis the season to be cozy! The crisp fall air and changing leaves inspire us to reach for our scarves and sweaters. Layering is the name of the game this November, for grown-ups and goslings alike.

Check out Semaiah and her little brother Carter as they show off how cute and cozy can go from outdoors to indoors in a flash.

Semaiah’s Oilily dress (size 7/8, $11.95) and Mini Boden velour leggings (size 7/8, $1.50) are showcased on our back-by-popular-demand Brands You Love rack. They pair perfectly with baby blue Uggs (size 13, $14.00) and a Bobbie Brooks faux fur shag vest (size 10, $4.95.)  Carter is rocking a Baby Boden long-sleeved tee (size 18 months, $5.95) with cozy Zutano fleece pants ( 18months, new w/tags $7.95) An organic cotton jacket by Earth Creations (size 2, $8.95) and Zutano bear hat (new w/ tags, $3.95) keep him extra warm.

Back inside, Semaiah and Carter soften up their looks with sweaters and slippers.  Semaiah’s mottled duster is by Gracie (size 8, $9.95) and Carter’s owl cowl is by Cherokee (size 18 months, $5.95.)  Semaiah’s monkey slippers are by Garnet Hill (available in size 12 AND 13, $8.95) and Carter’s star booties are by Robeez ($12.95) and they’re snuggled up on one of the many cozy chairs available at Mimi’s Attic!

Are you lacking in layers?  Let the Goose help you stock up, because there’s no such thing as too warm and cozy!

Look of the Month: Halloween Edition!

Happy almost Halloween, goslings and goblins! Are you ready for a night full of candy and costumes? This month’s models certainly are! Meet Penelope and Evangeline, who were kind enough to showcase just a few of our large selection of Halloween costumes. And right now, all costumes and accessories are on sale for 15% off!

First up, the girls go under the sea! Penelope is giving us life as a mermaid (size 6, $7.99), and Evie is serving up warm and fuzzy as the most adorable walrus (size 12 months, $10.95!)  Penny’s mermaid shoes are sold separately as part of a set (3 pairs of princess shoes for $7.99.)

Next up, the cutest woodland creatures you ever did see! Check out Penny the Bear (size 4, $7.95) and Evie the Frog (size 3-6 months, $6.99)!

When it comes to Halloween, there’s always time for clowning around!  Pictured below: Clown dress (size 5, $6.95), tights ($1.95), red fedora ($3.95) and Hanna Andersson clogs (size 11.5, $24.95.)

Do we have the spooky, sassy, fun, and funky looks your kiddos need? Come find out, and happy haunting!

Share the warmth of the season at Mama Goose!

Through October 12th, you can help the students of BJM Elementary by donating your gently-used winter gear – coats, gloves, scarves, boots – right here at Mama Goose! If you buy a coat at the Goose to donate to the drive, you’ll save 20% on all outerwear you purchase! It’s the perfect time to stock up for your goslings and share the warmth with a child in need. BUY A COAT, SHARE THE WARMTH, AND SAVE! 

All donations will go directly to the BJM Coat Swap program, providing much needed winter gear to those who may not otherwise be able to afford it. Shopping feels even sweeter when you’re doing it for a great cause.