How To Sell

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 We buy every day!

  • You can walk in with two shopping bags filled with clothes or other items.
  • If you have more than two shopping bags, please call to make an appointment.
  • Typically, an appointment size is two full laundry baskets or tubs.
  • Please pair clothes with their mates and put batteries in all battery operated items.
  • We ask that all items are clean & smoke free, pet hair free and free of any odor of moth balls or storage.
How to sell at Mama Goose | Consignment shops in Ithaca, NY
Still have questions? Refer to our Q&A section below or call our store, our buyers would be happy to help.

What Are We Currently Buying?

We are currently buying fall and winter clothes in sizes newborn – 14 as well as maternity wear, kids’ books, toys, baby equipment and more. Some of the hot items we look for in the fall are current-style jeans, warm pajamas, quality fleece jackets, sturdy and stylish school clothes, and like-new sneakers and waterproof shoes and boots. This is also a great time to sell your quality winter jackets, snow pants, snow boots, and Halloween costumes! Spring and summer clothes are now considered out-of-season for us, but we are happy to take a look at your quality spring and summer clothes in sizes NB-14 & maternity. When we buy out-of-season clothes, we are more selective and pay a little less.

Did you know that we take in walk-in amounts to buy on Sundays now?


What Sizes Could We Use More Of?

The following sizes have been selling well recently, and we’d like to see more of them!

Girls’ Clothing Sizes:

  • 6-12m girl
  • 12m girl
  • 18m girl
  • 24m girl
  • 2T girl
  • 3T girl
  • 10 girl
  • 12 girl
  • 14 girl

Boys’ Clothing Sizes:

  • 6-12m boy
  • 18m boy
  • 24m boy
  • 2T boy
  • 3T boy
  • 5 boy
  • 6 boy
  • 7 boy
  • 8 boy
  • 12 boy tops
  • 14 boy tops

Things we buy All Year Round:

  • Dress-up clothes, children’s books, dvds & games
  • Halloween costumes & high-quality outerwear for any season.
  • Rain & snow boots in good condition,
  • Well-made winter coats
  • Snow pants
  • Rain jackets
  • Bathing suits (suitable for swim lessons)
  • Basketball shorts
  • Cleats and shin guards
  • Cloth diapers
  • Dance/gymnastics wear
  • Baby monitors, swings, exersaucers, bassinets and other useful items.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are things you do NOT buy?
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