Coat Sale 2017 was a SUCCESS!

Look of the Month: September

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here at the Goose!  Our First Day of School photo contest makes back-to-school shopping extra exciting, and we know you’re all just counting down the days to our 13th Annual Coat Sale Extravaganza! With fall buying in full swing, our racks are brimming with adorable fall fashions. This month’s model Samantha stopped by before starting second grade to help show some of them off.

Sam’s first look features a lightweight organic merino wool Nui tunic (size 6, $14.95) over Ralph Lauren striped trousers (size 6x, new w/ tags, $8.95) and Bongo bowed flats (size 1, $5.95.)

Look #2 starts with a size 5/6 tee by neve/hawk ($4.95) paired with a Gap ruffled corduroy skirt (size 7/8, $4.95.)  Her Old Navy tights (size XL, $1.95) go great with Minnetonka boots (size 13, $10.95.) The whole look comes together with a Cherokee bomber jacket (size 7/8, $10.95.)

Sam’s final look is all about that Tea brand, pairing a violet floral dress (size 8, $8.95) with hot pink capri leggings (size 8, $4.25) and showing off the versatility of those Minnetonka boots. A Wilkin lunchbox ($17.99) adds some function and flair.

We can’t wait to see the looks you and your kids came up with for their first days! If they’re even half as cute as Samantha, we’re bound to break the internet with style.  Get posting, and happy September!

Don’t forget about our back-to-school photo contest!

You could WIN a $25 Coat Sale Day voucher for you AND a $25 voucher for a friend! Plus, on the morning of the sale, you and your friend will receive pre-festivities refreshments in “The Coat Sale Lounge” before the doors open and VIP access to the sale at 10am (no waiting in line)!

Just go to our original FB post, like & share it, and then post a photo of your kiddo on their first day! Join our Coat Sale Extravaganza event, and you will be entered to win!

2017 Mama Goose Coat Sale Extravaganza!

Don’t miss our 13th Annual Mama Goose Coat Sale Extravaganza!

Saturday, September 23rd 10am-6pm

430 W. State Street, Ithaca, NY 14850
In the Seneca street parking lot just behind Mimi’s Attic.
Just look for the big tents!



Throughout the year, we stow away winter coats, snow pants, snow boots, winter accessories & Halloween costumes and bring them ALL out for this fun-filled event. Our entire winter outerwear stock is rolled out under big tents in the back parking lots. We will also bring out NEW Snowstopper gloves & mittens and have a storewide sale inside the store. Mark your calendars. This is our biggest event of the year!

Draw a lucky marble at the register for 10, 15 or 20% OFF your total purchase of winter outerwear & Halloween costumes!

Let’s build a stronger community together!

We will donate 5% of all 2017 Coat Sale Extravaganza sales to the Fresh Snack Program. This awesome organization provides healthful, plant-based snacks to five ICSD elementary schools and also brings fun, educational culinary activities into classrooms throughout the district. Kids of all ages have an opportunity to learn about healthier food choices and local food systems. We at Mama Goose love being able to make this annual Coat Sale donation to an organization that helps kids in and around Ithaca. Together with YOU (our sustainable and savvy shoppers!) we are helping to build a stronger, healthier community.

Join our Facebook event HERE!


Coat Sale Extravaganza Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Mama Goose Coat Sale Extravaganza? Read on to get all the deets on our biggest event of the year, happening September 23, 2017! Join our Facebook event HERE to stay in the loop as we get closer to the big day…

Note: Our seasoned Coat Sale veterans said they loved everything about our set-up last year. The lines moved swiftly and shoppers had a really great (and swift!) experience so we’re going to do almost everything the same. We only have one NEW small change and it’s a fun one …

Q: Why have a Coat Sale Extravaganza in the first place?

A: The Coat Sale tradition began when we had a tiny, ginger-bread house-like store at the corner of Seneca St. and Plain St. (2004). It was impossible to fit all of our winter outerwear on the sales floor, and our customers needed to stop in daily to find the right size snow gear for each of their kids. We realized that if we put all of our winter outerwear in our parking lot on one day, our customers would know what day to come to have the best chance at finding what they needed. And so the Extravaganza was born! The coat sale also allows us to buy great winter outerwear year-round, regardless of sales floor space, which means a better selection for you.

Q: How much will the outerwear be discounted?

A: When you get to the register, you will be asked to draw a lucky marble for 10, 15 or 20% off your total purchase of winter outerwear and Halloween costumes. You’ve heard the song “Luck be a lady” … we say “Luck be a Mama at the Extravaganza!”

NEW Q: Is it worth coming if I can’t get there until the afternoon?

A: YES!  Last year, we noticed there was a lot of fantastic merchandise still on the racks in the afternoon and very few shoppers. We were so impressed with what was left on the racks, we started posting on Instagram to let everyone know. We had photos with brands like Mini Boden, Uggs, Ralph Lauren, Patagonia, Hatley, Bogs, Uniglo & more. To sweeten the pot this year, we have come up with an ingenious plan. Introducing the … Naptime Special!

NEW Q: What’s this NAPTIME SPECIAL you speak of?

A: At 1pm, we will get rid of the 10% marbles, so you will be guaranteed either 15 or 20% off your total purchase of winter outerwear and Halloween costumes. After 4pm, no more marbles – everyone receives 20% off their Coat Sale purchases, guaranteed! If you like quiet and solitary shopping and deep discounts, the Naptime Special is the strategy for you.

Q: Will there be other sales or discounts on the day of the event?

A: Why, yes – great question! Everything inside Mama Goose will be 10% off all day on the day of the Extravaganza. And, yes, that includes new products such as our Ergo Carriers, Ring Slings, cloth diapers and shoes. Even clearance items will be marked down an extra 10% the day of the sale. Plus, after you make your Coat Sale purchases, you will be given a couple of coupons including a 10% off coupon to our sister store, Mimi’s Attic.

Q: How long are the checkout lines going to be?

A: We tried out a new line system last year and it worked great! All shoppers will enter the same line, just off the parking lot, into the Mimi’s Attic loading area, where we will have four registers with eager cashiers waiting to check you out with lightning speed.

Q: What forms of payment will you accept?

A. All four registers will accept Mama Goose store credit, VISA, Mastercard, Discover and of course, CASH! Cash is definitely the swiftest form of payment, so if possible, stop at an ATM!

Q: Can I use my frequent customer stamp card?

A: In order to keep the lines moving, we do not stamp frequent customer cards at the Coat Sale registers. However, we will be giving stamps for regular, non-coat sale purchases made inside Mama Goose. You are also welcome to redeem full stamp cards at any register.

Q: What if I want to shop inside Mama Goose for non-Coat Sale items like school clothes, books, shoes, toys, diapering supplies, etc.?

A: It will be business as usual for shoppers inside Mama Goose, except we will have an extra register, light refreshments and 10% off everything inside the store! You might choose to shop inside Mama Goose after your Coat Sale purchases or “divide and conquer” with one person from your party shopping inside and the other person shopping outside at the same time. You choose your strategy!  Note: We will NOT be buying on the day of the Extravaganza.

Q: What if I want to shop or browse in Mimi’s Attic?

A: We suggest making your Coat Sale purchases first and then go shop at Mimi’s. You will be receiving a Mimi’s coupon for 10% off your total purchase that you can use any time before October 31st.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We have three twenty-foot tents, and several 10×10 foot tents in addition to our shipping and receiving area. We will also direct and manage the checkout lines to keep you sheltered and dry. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If you have any unanswered questions, feel free call us at 607-269-0600.

Q: Can I bring used items to sell on the day of the Coat Sale?

A: We apologize for any inconvenience, but we will not be buying on the day of the Coat Sale.
Normal buying will resume on Monday the 25th.

Q: I’m not familiar with the area, where can I park?

A: Mama Goose Ithaca is located in Ithaca’s West End, which is easy to get to from Route 13. Here is a handy MAP for your convenience. If you are coming from the north, simply take a left off of route 13 South onto Buffalo Street and proceed two blocks, and look for parking on Buffalo Street. Then simply walk down Corn Street (across from the park) and you will be right next to the sale. Parking is free on weekends. Parking can also be found on Corn, State or Seneca Street. Note: Though our address is 430 West State Street, the coat sale takes place around the back of the building on Seneca Street in our parking lot.

We hope to see you at the Extravaganza! Don’t forget to bring a friend and make a day of it! You are sure not to walk away empty handed.


Need a first-day outfit for your gosling?

Send your little ones off to school in style! Our racks are stocked with sturdy and stylish back-to-school clothes and we are flush with NEW fall essentials.


Grab some See Kai Run shoes, a backpack, lunch box, water bottle or snack container. We are loving the bright colors this year!

We’re having a bag sale!

August 18th, 19th, 20th
Our bargain bins are bursting with summer items that need to go!
Come take advantage of this awesome deal and stock up for next year!

We provide the bags. You shop & save.

Fall buying starts…NOW!

Fall & winter buying begins Monday, August 7th! We have buyers in store Monday-Saturday and we are ready for your cold weather gear!

Bring in your winter outerwear & Halloween costumes before the Coat Sale Extravaganza on Sept. 23rd.

  • You can walk in with two shopping bags filled with clothes or other items.
  • If you have more than two shopping bags, please call to make an appointment.
  • Typically, an appointment size is two full laundry baskets or tubs.
  • Please pair clothes with their mates and put batteries in all battery operated items.
  • We ask that all items are clean & smoke free, pet hair free and free of any odor of moth balls or storage.

We are currently buying fall and winter clothes in sizes newborn – 14 as well as maternity wear, kids’ books, toys, baby equipment and more. Some of the hot items we look for in the fall are current-style jeans, warm pajamas, quality fleece jackets, sturdy and stylish school clothes, and like-new sneakers and waterproof shoes and boots. This is also a great time to sell your quality winter jackets, snowpants, snow boots, and Halloween costumes! Spring and summer clothes are now considered out-of-season for us, but we are happy to take a look at your quality spring and summer clothes in sizes NB-14 & maternity. When we buy out-of-season clothes, we are more selective and pay a little less.

Buy 2, get the 3rd FREE!

We’re getting ready for the fall buying season so everything is
on sale – and we have so many cute summer clothes!

Mix and match all sizes and styles – including maternity. We will group similarly-priced items in groups of 3, and you will receive the item of equal or lesser value for FREE.

Look of the Month: August

This month’s model, 3-year-old Jaiden, shows us just how good “Buy 2, Get 3rd Free” can be! Our sale on ALL gently-used clothes and shoes runs from July 29th to August 5th.

Jaiden’s Polo tee (size 4, $2.25) comes free when paired with these one-of-a-kind denim shorts (size 4, $2.95) and adorable frog Crocs (size 9/10, $5.95.)  That means this whole excellent ensemble rings up at less than $9!

And if you’re feeling fancy? The Buy 2, Get 3rd Free sale is definitely for you. Check out our boy below:

Jaiden is rocking a two-piece seersucker suit by BabyGap (size 4, $9.95) over a Janie + Jack button-down (size 4, $2.95) with brand new Gymboree canvas loafers (size 8, $9.95.) That’s a killer special occasion outfit for under $20!

Special thanks to Jaiden and his mama for showing us the stylish power of 3! We want to see your Buy 2, Get 3rd Free outfits.  Shop our sale and post a picture of your little ones in their bargain duds on our Facebook page!

Look of the Month: July

School is out and summer is in full swing! It’s a great time of year to be a kid in Ithaca. With all of our local lakes, parks, and gorges, a kid can basically live in swimsuits and sandals. This month’s family of models shows us how!

Meet the Johnson kids! Mama Jody volunteered her crew of cuteness to show off this month’s styles. 7-year-old Hannah, 3-year-old Khesed, 1-year-old Shalom and 11-year-old Josiah took to Stewart Park to make fun in the sun look extra adorable.

Hannah’s multi-patterned Mini Boden suit (size 6, $6.95 ) goes perfectly with a Lands’ End terrycloth cover-up (size 5, $6.95) and size 12/13 Crocs ($5.95.) Khesed’s hooded wet-suit features a zipper and flamingos (Little Me, size 3, $5.95) and goes perfectly with polka-dot Toms sandals (size 6, $8.95.) Shalom’s adorable two-piece tankini is by Absorba (12-18 months, $9.95) and Josiah’s Speedo trunks (size 10, $4.25) pair perfectly with $1 sunglasses, a Cherokee rashguard (size 12/14, $6.95) and Timberland sandals (size 4, $12.95.)

Summer adventures await these four adorable siblings, and your family as well! Come down to the Goose to take advantage of our summer sales, then get out there and have some fun!